Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders bid for the White House.

Some of the Issues important to Senator Bernie Sanders are (Health care for all, College for all, Fighting for working families, Expand social security, Combat climate change and pass a green new deal, Gun safety, Criminal justice reform, Racial justice, Immigration reform, Fighting for women’s rights, Disability rights, and LGBTQ equality).

Senator Sanders participated in a town hall on April 22, 2019, some of the high lights from the town hall were.

Health care:

He will fight for Medicare of all – He says “Health care is a human right”


Senator Sanders has released 10 years of his taxes.

He wants to close tax loopholes and create what he calls a fair tax system because the wealthy should pay their fair share.


He wants to focus on making sure Donald Trump doesn’t win the next election.

The Green new deal:

We need to deal with climate change now in order to leave a place for our grandchildren.

The most controversial comment was when he said he believes even those in prison should be allowed to vote. What do you think?

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